Every month, my utility bills keep rising. I am also guilty because I frequently use most of the appliances at home. So, I keep my appliance consumption in check. It helped, but my bills were still high. I asked my colleague and said some of my home designs could be the culprit. Then, I decided to modify my space, and my bills improved. If you are in the same situation and believe you have done everything you could without a good result, do not worry! Here are home design ideas I highly recommend:

Invest in a Cool Roof

According to Energy Information Administration (EIA), the residential electricity consumption in the US alone was 10% higher than at the same time in 2020. But investing in a cool roof can make a big difference. What makes it different from a regular roof? Well, it reflects more sunlight, leading to less heat absorption. It works just like clothing. A darker dress, for instance, absorbs more light, making it hotter to wear. On the other hand, brighter clothing deflects more light, keeping it cooler. When a cool roof is used, it helps lower your home’s temperature, helping you minimize your use of an air conditioner and other appliances. If you’re not sure what roof would fit best for your house, talk to a professional roofer in Washington or the nearest local area. They might be able to help with your queries.

Switch to LED Lighting Fixtures and Energy Star Rated Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen appliances and lighting fixtures consume a lot of electricity. Instead of bulbs, take advantage of LED or CFL alternatives. They are not only energy-efficient but also long-lasting. Yes, they can withstand the test of time without compromising their performance and reliability. They are bright and won’t make any buzzing noises. They are also cost-effective.

After replacing your lighting fixtures, direct your attention to your kitchen appliances. But prepare your pocket as it may break your bank. Fortunately, expect a decline in your utility bills. An energy-star-rated refrigerator, for instance, is 9% more energy-efficient than appliances that only meet the minimum federal efficiency standards.

Turn a Part of Your Ceiling into a Skylight

Apart from being a great focal point for homes of any size, a skylight has gained massive popularity because it can increase your home efficiency and improve your heating or air ventilation. However, a skylight is not advisable for any homeowner out there. Before cutting out some parts of your ceiling, make sure it can accommodate one. Plus, speak with a professional for further details. Although it requires extra cost, it can help avoid any unexpected expenses.

Take Window Treatments Seriously

Usually, window treatments serve different purposes. They function as decor. More than that, they are a great tool to lower your monthly home energy bills. Top and recommended window treatments include blinds, drapes, shutters, and curtains. If you want to optimize your utility cost reduction, consider blinds, shutters, and hard window treatments. They can keep both air and heat inside your home compared to soft window treatments, including drapes and fabric curtains.

Replace your Flooring

Replacing flooring is one of the things that most homeowners ignore. I am also guilty. Luckily, my friends never stopped encouraging me to install new flooring. When different and high-quality units are installed, I cut energy costs drastically. Unlike gutting and replacing siding, expert-recommended flooring is competitively priced. I also installed carpets, trapping heat and keeping my space warm, especially during the long winter season.

Use Ceiling Fans More than Your HVAC System

Every year, it is estimated that air conditioners use around 6% of electricity in the US per year, which costs approximately $29 billion. If you are looking for an energy-efficient alternative, there is no need to search further than a ceiling fan. It is economical and less expensive than a heating, ventilation, and airconditioning unit. It utilizes the same energy that a light bulb uses. Experts say you can save more than 40% on your utility bill in the summer. The installation cost ranges from $140 to $355.

Have Your Insulation Checked Regularly

To maintain the temperature of your home all year long, proper insulation can play a critical role. Like kitchen appliances, the quality of your home insulation may decline after a while. It may have some holes, requiring immediate attention and replacement. Consult a company that specializes in insulation today!

So, a few suggestions here to help you to lower your utility bills and free money up for leisurely activities.


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